Biomethanol plant - Netherlands

Biomethanol plant - Netherlands

Lowest NOx emissions realized for Biomethanol plant

The challenge
Superheated steam at a temperature between 320˚C and 515˚C is needed for a new glycerol reforming plant. To meet this need, Stork engineered and supplied two direct-fired superheaters in which saturated steam is superheated to the required temperature. Availability and turn-down ratio are very high.

Customer profile
The customer is the first company in the world to produce and sell industrial quantities of high-quality biomethanol, a new-generation biofuel. The process converts crude glycerine, a residue from biodiesel production, into biomethanol.

The system uses a natural gas-fired superheater equipped with a 15 MW Stork Ultra Low NOx Impulse burner combined with a flue-gas recirculation system. To improve system efficiency the combustion air is preheated to 400˚C, increasing the efficiency by approximately 20% compared with a system without air preheating. Even under these difficult conditions the emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. Stork completed this turnkey project including execution with engineering, procurement, in-house production site erection and commissioning of:

  • Stork OEM superheaters
  • Stork OEM Impulse burners
  • Air preheater
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Control system

Results & benefits

  • Steam flow of 100 t/hr
  • Continuous temperature adjustment between 320˚C and 515˚C
  • High reliability and availability
  • Turndown ratio of 1:50
  • NOx < 40 mg/Nm3, even at an air temperature of 400˚C
  • CO < 5 mg/Nm3
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