Change maintenance management - Sonac


  • The maintenance team was not performing to its full potential.
  • The maintenance and operations department were not cooperating optimally.
  • Several key maintenance staff members were close to their retirement.
  • Need for improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance team.
  • Improve the cooperation of the maintenance and the operations department.
  • Capture the knowledge of retiring key maintenance staff


Stork Asset Management Consultancy performed a comprehensive maintenance audit followed by the implementation of process and organizational changes aiming for increased cooperation, efficiency and effectiveness. A change management process in which Stork explicated the tacit knowledge and the intellectual capital of the ageing Sonac maintenance team.

Result & Benefits

  • Reduction of 10 FTE’s without redundancies
  • Reduction of work orders
  • Increased control of work orders
  • Change from reactive into improvement orientated maintenance team
  • Knowledge transfer within the maintenance team Increased joy and satisfaction of work (e.g. significantly reduced sick leave)

“..we are now able to execute best-in-class maintenance with less FTE's in a more structured and pleasant way.."

Mr. Thomas Versterre (Managing Director Sonac)

Customer Profile

Sonac is a main supplier of high quality proteins, fats and minerals of animal origin. The location in Vuren (82 employees), The Netherlands, is part of the VION Food Group. VION has over 26,000 employees and has a yearly turnover of €8.9 billion.


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