Complete inspection of a 55 MW load gearbox


Stork Gears & Services was hired for the complete inspection of a 55 MW load gearbox. During this inspection a full visual inspection of the pinion, gear wheel and white metal bearings has been carried out. Also bearing clearances (with inside micrometers), backlashes (main gear set and pump drive) and axial float of the high speed shaft have been checked. 

The load gearbox is part of a gas turbine driven generator set. Our engineers - with power market specific expertise - were able to multi-task in a high demanding environment, from supervision and projectmanagement to executing of onsite-maintenance and complete inspections. We completed the whole project within the fixed timeline of two weeks. 

Diagnostic services

Stork Diagnostic Services is a service-oriented part of our company and is able to carry out various sorts of measurements in order to demonstrate the behaviour of the customer's installation. Our Optimization Department recorded the vibrations of the complete installation including the gas turbine, the load gearbox and generator. Read more about our Diagnostic Services »


Location    Belgium
End user Energy Services company
Market segment     Power generation
Scope Time-based preventive maintenance of the gearbox
Inspection of the pinion, gears, bearings and shafts
Vibration measurements of the gasturbine, load gearbox and generator
Application data Flender-Graffenstaden Gearbox, type TX80 2CV
55 MW
RPM 3600/1500
LM6000 gas turbine driven generator 55MW 


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