Emergency gearbox repair at tugboat in Brazil

Project Description

Our customer - a shipping company - invited Stork Gears & Services for an emergency repair of a Lohmann & Stolterfoht propulsion gearbox in Brazil. The tugboat suffered from excessive vibrations that caused unforeseen machine failure. 

The main concern of our customer was how to fix the defects as soon as possible. It was also of vital importance to detect the root cause of the vibrations; without vibration analysis it was very likely the problems would reoccur in the near future.

24hour support

Within 24 hours our diagnostic specialist was onsite for visual inspections in order to detect and analyze the root cause of the vibrations. The inspection revealed damage of the roller bearings at the PTO shaft. Fast replacement of bearings took place and within four days the job was successfully carried out.

Location    Brazil
Market segment     Maritime/Shipping
Scope On-site visual inspections in order to determine the cause of abnormal vibration levels
Replacement of bearings at PTO shaft
Gearbox Lohmann & Stolterfoht
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