Custom built gearboxes for FiFi 1 tugboats

Fire Fighter I (FIFI 1) class notification is given to vessels intended for fighting fires on offshore and onshore structures, as well as associated rescue operations. FIFI 1 implies that the vessel has been built for early stage fire fighting and rescue operations close to the structure on fire. Damen Ship Repair modified two tugboats for Fire Fight class 1.

Stork Gears & Services was given the order for the development of the gearboxes. We designed and fabricated the gearboxes between the engine and the FiFi-pump.

The engineering and fabrication is performed within 16 weeks. Gearbox specification:

  • Input power 1200 kw
  • Input speed 900 rpm
  • Outputspeed 1750 rpm

The pictures below show the gearboxes and modified tugvessels. 




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