Hydro-jetting blockage removal - Middle East


The client had been suffering production losses due to blockages in seawater-cooled heat exchanger tubes for many years. This led to loss of revenue due to plant shutdowns and repairs. Stork’s challenge was to determine the safest, most efficient and cost-effective method, for removing the blockages. This type of activity typically involves chemical cleaning, hydro-drilling or hydro-jetting.


After a detailed technical evaluation and analysis, the Stork team decided to perform hydro-jetting to remove the blockages. Hydro-jetting was chosen as it has significantly less risk, compared with chemical cleaning or hydro-drilling. The Client management team was highly satisfied with Stork's work and its commitment to providing the best service to them.

Client benefits

Quicker completion
Stork’s hydro-jetting approach reduced the processing time which enabled higher productivity and a faster completion of the project

Reducing risk
Hydro-jetting solution removed the risks to people and environmental hazards of the materials commonly associated with chemical cleaning and hydro-drilling

Safe service delivery
The project was delivered with no incidents, injury or harm to the environment.

Project fast-facts

Project Removing blockages in seawater-cooled exchanger tubes
Client Major Asset Operator
Location near Abu Dhabi
Services Hydro-jetting
Date 2015


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