Injection Compressor Station - Underground Gas Storage


A vital part of the major extension project of the underground gas storage facility Norg, was the addition of a third injection compressor station. As this 3rd compressor had to be installed in between two existing and fully operational trains, the “brownfield” situation required extensive attention. Also, the construction activities had to be aligned with the seasonal cycle of the UGS operations. Furthermore, the available physical space was limited.


GLT-PLUS is a consortium, comprising of Stork, Siemens, Yokogawa and Jacobs.
As execution partner, Stork is responsible for the integral realization of projects and maintenance. Jacobs contributes design capabilities.

Control & Automation is provided by Yokogawa. Siemens supplies high voltage equipment, electrical drives and controls.

Stork is responsible for all site construction management. 

This EPC project was executed by the GLT-Plus consortium. Stork is one of the partners, responsible for all construction activities. From project start on, attention was focused at construction-driven engineering. Working in close cooperation as true consortium partners was key. Due to the operational constraints, construction engineering and scheduling were critical. Stork provided valuable input during the design phase and succeeded in aligning all construction activities at site.

The injection train consists of: 

  • An indoor two stage compressor (38 MW), discharge pressure approximately 320 bar
  • Eight air-cooled cooler banks
  • A three phase transformer reducing the 110 kV high voltage to 7.7 kV for the e-drive
  • A high speed high performance gear box
  • Lubrication oil skid: two sets of three cooler banks in total. The existing four utility coolers were rejuvenated.
  • Foundations

Notable was the modification of the building. Two separate halls had to be connected and combined into one large building. The new internal separation walls had to provide enough protection to the adjacent hall(s). Measures had to be taken to comply with challenging ‘jet fire resistance’ and compartmentation regulations. The entire hall is conditioned via a forced room ventilation and safeguarded by Fire&Gas detection systems.


  • Safety: zero incidents, resulting in a TRCF of ‘0’.
  • Successful and close cooperation with the client the consortium and multiple contracting partners.
  • Schedule: all works were completed according to plan. The project has been completed on-time and in-full term (OTIF).
  • ‘Flawless’ start-up of the compressor and a high operability availability of 99% already during first injection season.
  • Quick and flexible execution of the project by an experienced team of highly qualified professionals.

About the client

Client Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij
Location Underground Gas Storage Norg
Project Scope Realisation ‘Third injection Compressor’. Complete EPC, where Stork was responsible as main contractor for all construction and commissioning activities
Weights (approx.)
Transformer 95 ton
E-drive 80 ton
Compressor 70 ton
Lube-oil skid 40 ton
Coolerbanks 55-60 ton/set


Height Compressor Building: 15 meter
Diameters Piping Ranging up to max. 42” Wall thickness up to 35 mm
Execution period October 2012 – April 2015 (5 phases)


pdf STO_868_REF_UGS_Norg_injection_compressor 6 MB Download
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