Advanced Online Desanding - North Sea FPSO 2009-2014


Stork completed 14 workscopes between 2009 & 2014 to complete online desanding on an FPSO’s First and Second Stage Separator (20-VA001 & 20-VA-002) using the state of the art, Advanced Online Desander Skid. The workscopes involved removal of sand from vessels, which was then washed and analyzed to ensure an under 1% oil on sand prior to discharge overboard.


Stork mobilized a team of five personnel and Spot, Rigged & Pressure tested equipment to the client’s satisfaction. Removed sand was washed and analysed prior to being discharged overboard. The workscope was completed in 13 days (924 man hours).

Results & benefits

Vessels successfully de-sanded 22.75 tonnes of sand from the separators using the Advanced Online Desander Skid without the need for well shut in, vessel entry or extended shut down. Client saved significant costs and the sand removal extended the period between shut downs and maintained separator performance. Overall, this project was completed with an overboard discharge average of 0.06%, 548ppm & zero safety incidents. A high performance standard was achieved through the efficient, safe operation from Stork’s trained and competent crew. Reflective of this is the excellent client feedback received and an average FPAL rating of 9.5 (see service code 3.05.13).

“The reports regarding the desanding workscope have been very positive.”

Process Engineer

Project information

Location UK North Sea
When 2009 to 2014
Division Environmental & Decontamination
Safety Project delivered with no lost time incidents
Environmental 22.75 tonnes of sand disposed in line with discharge consent
Innovation Advanced Online Desander Skid
FPAL Rating 9.5 (see service code 3.05.13)


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