Overhaul project of Husky tugboat

Project Description  

The DCV Balder is a Deepwater Construction Vessel operated by Heerema for deepwater field development up to 3,000 m waterdepth. The Balder has successfully executed various projects worldwide such as the installation of foundations, moorings, SPAR's, TLP's and integrated topsides, as well as pipelines and flowlines. The Balder is capable of a tandem lift of 6,300 tons. The cranes provide for depth reach lowering capability as well as heavy lift capacity to set topsides. It is fitted with seven 3,500 kW azimuthing thrusters and two propellors.

Heerema Shipping contacted Stork Gears & Services for preventive maintenance of the Balders' tugboat, called "Husky MV". The Balder had to set sail for Africa for a one year project, fast overhaul was neccessary in order to set sail in time. The overhaul project took place at and with close collaboration of Damen Shipyard in Rotterdam. Lasercladding of the 9 metres shaft took place in our own workshop. We worked 24 hours a day, in order to complete the whole overhaul project within the fixed timeline of 43 days!

View the photo gallery below for an impression of this challenging project!

Location Damen Shipyard Rotterdam
End user Heerema Shipping
Scope Overhaul of towing winches
Overhaul of level winders
Gearbox repair and replacement of bearings
Shaft repair through lasercladding
Advantages  Our Laserclad facilities»
Our flexible approach and fast repair times


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