Rope access reduces GLT-PLUS project costs by 25%


As part of the Condumax project in Grijpskerk, more than 200 metres of cable had to be pulled through a pipe bridge and 100 metres of cable had to be removed. In the past, the bridge would have to have been completely scaffolded to provide access to the work platform.


Instead of separate scaffolders and E&I fitters, a single rope access team was put on the job. Literally hanging from ropes, the team was able to start the installation work almost straight away and after the last ty wrap was attached, the workers could leave the site immediately without having to clear anything up.

“I am convinced that rope access has a very broad scope of application at our plants, especially for minor modifications and repairs"

Kees Krijnsen, NAM

“I hope that we shall be able to use the (rope access) system in more places in the future so that we can optimally take advantage of its benefits"

Ties Vos, NAM

Client benefits

Safety improvement

Safer compared to scaffolding work as people are exposed to far less risks when using a rope access system

Lower costs

The substantial reduction in the amount of scaffolding required and the shorter lead time reduced costs by approximately 25%

Shorter lead time

The rope access team could start work almost immediately and needed only two weeks to complete the job, which would have normally taken twice as long

Project fast-facts

Project GLT-PLUS Condumax Project
Client Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM)
Location Netherlands
Services Multi-disciplined rope access, electrical, rigging and lifting
Date 2015
Contact Jan Warmolts, Area Lead, Netherlands -


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