Siemens SGT5-2000e Compressor Diaphragm Refurbishment

Siemens SGT5-2000e Compressor Diaphragm Refurbishment

Our V64.3 and V94.2 Diaphragm Refurbishment capabilities are an excellent example of the benefits Stork can deliver to its customers by having the complete Turbo Machinery portfolio in-house including services and parts delivery.


Customer Type End user
OEM / Machine Type Siemens SGT5-2000E (V94.2)
Output (MW) 150
Project Type Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing & Refurbishment
Product  Compressor Diaphragms Stages VLE01 - VLE16
Material  SS355JRG2 & X20Cr13 (W-no. 1.4021)

Used parts, to be refurbished

used diaphragm parts refurbishment   used diaphragm parts refurbishment

Cleaning, glass-bead blasting of all diaphragms and carriers

Diaphragm refurbishment - cleaning, glass-bead blasting   Diaphragm refurbishment - cleaning, glass-bead blasting

Inspection of diaphragms

Diaphragm inspection   Diaphragm Inspection

Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing of new Stator Blades

Reverse Engineering Stator Blades   Reverse Engineering and Manufacturing new Stator Blades

Assembly of outer rings with replaced blades

Outer ring assembly with replaced blades   Close-up of Outer ring assembly with replaced blades

Dimensional check after blade assembly

Turbine Blade assembly - dimensional check   Turbine Blade assembly - dimensional check

Antifouling coating for stage VLE01-VLE04

Diaphragm antifouling coating   Diaphragm antifouling coating

Re-assembly of vane carriers

Re-assembly of vane carriers in Diaphragm   Close-up of re-assembly of vane carriers in Diaphragm

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