Major overhaul on a 300MW Siemens Steam Turbine and increasing the durability of the rotor

Siemens Steam turbine overhaul 1Steam Turbine overhaul 2


  • Welding refurbishment of the last stage blades both flows (tips and trailing edges) and of the vanes from the first stage
  • De-blading all of LP-rotor stages
  • Rehabilitation of the grooves on the LP-rotor discs (unexpected indication of cracks) including shoot peening
  • FEM calculation of the grooves in the LP-rotor after repair works main cause for cracks is weak design of blade root crack removal by grinding

Siemens Steam Turbine rotor repair 1Siemens Steam Turbine rotor repairSiemens Steam Turbine rotor repair 2


  • LP rotor successfully overhauled and repaired
  • All unforeseen obstacles overcome
  • Repair method for cracks was developed and verified prior to application in consultation with AZT and VGB
  • Main contributors for awarding:
  • Technical skills
  • Short realization time
  • Attractive performance ratio
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