SIL Compliance Dr. W. Kolb Netherlands B.V.


Recently the local governments have demanded BRZO enlisted companies, to quickly and explicitly, demonstrate and confirm, compliance to the strictest of regulations. This came as an unexpected challenge to Dr. W. Kolb Netherlands B.V. During that time the engineering team was occupied with a production expansion project and SIL knowledge was not present within Kolb. Kolb asked Stork Asset Management Consultancy to help in "dotting the i's" and support in effectively and efficiently demonstrate compliance.


Stork’s SIL experts assisted in double checking installations, procedures, documents and traceability of SIL measures. Stork’s experts in combination with the local technical team used a structured process to:

  • identify and classify safety critical issues,
  • allocate and verify equipment,
  • test, inspect and sustain measures.

Kolb has trusted Stork’s experts with support in this important task as Stork brought indepth SIL knowledge which enabled Kolb staff to focus to their core activities of maintaining production and increasing production capacity. Kolb appreciated the critical and supportive outside-in perspective of Stork in this important matter and integrated SIL in their engineering standards.

Results & Benefits

With a fierce focus on closing the loops (Plan Do Check Adjust), the overall level of SIL knowledge with the customer has increased and improvements in calibration programs, documentation structures and maintenance procedures have been identified and implemented in a matter of months. Kolb has realized their expected outcomes regarding SIL, whilst successfully completing the production capacity expansion and maintaining safe and stable operations. Kolb is now even more effective, efficient and confident in demonstrating their SIL compliance to the auditors.

Customer Profile

Dr. W. Kolb is a Swiss producer of chemicals that their customers use as an addition in their production processes. Using ethylene oxide as the main base material and producing a rough 150 products, the plant in Klundert, The Netherlands, has recently grown to be the world’s second largest producer of specific base chemicals used in producing detergents.

Contact Details

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