System scaffolding


Stork was contracted to provide a load bearing scaffold design that would deliver the most cost-efficient access method to facilitate modifications to a platform crane.


After reviewing various access options, Stork recommended the use and design of steel system scaffold, which incorporated a system staircase. Steel System Scaffold is a fast, safe and economical modular access solution. Operatives were fully trained by the Stork team on the system scaffold. Stork is at the forefront of technology development and continually introduces award winning systems and innovations that increase safety and efficiency, while reducing costs.

Client benefits

  • Fast deployment and up to 40% reduction in access work hours versus conventional scaffold (248 hours compared with 421)
  • Greatly reduced number of system components
  • Greatly reduced manual handling time with 40% lighter materials
  • Reduction in tonnage providing safer assembly (9.47t compared with 13.03t)
  • Cost-efficient due to less manhours and components
  • No LTI’s or minor injuries recorded
  • Work scope was delivered on time and within budget

“Since starting my trip we have used the Steel System Scaffold and had no issues. It will definitely be cost effective and time saving for specific work scopes. On average we are saving about a third of the time compared to tube fitting.”
Stork Focal Point

Project fast-facts

Project Crane modification
Client Major North Sea Operator
Location UKCS
Service Scaffolding
Date April 2016


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