Vopak Westpoort Tank Terminal


Commissioned by the Royal BAM Group, Stork Technical Services did the prefabrication of cross header modules, main headers and hook-up spools for the Vopak tank terminal at Amsterdam Westpoort. This project consisted of the prefabrication of 40 cross headers, 42 main headers and 380 hook-up spools. The scope also included pressure testing of the prefabricated cross headers, and assembly of the cross header modules. The load-out was done by crane. The modules were transported by barge from our facilities in the Antwerp harbour to Amsterdam Westpoort.


Stork Technical Services composed a dedicated project management organisation as an extension to our prefabrication shop. The PRINCE system gave us a detailed follow-up of quality and progress throughout the project. The welding quality and tolerances of the headers were secured by means of Submerged Arc Welding and our extensive welding expertise. On-site construction and the number of field man-hours were considerably reduced as a result of the prefabrication. This improved the overall safety figures since a maximum number of man-hours were spent in a less critical prefab environment. Build times were reduced and predictability was raised because the majority of the work was done under perfect in-shop conditions.


  • Reduced build times
  • Predictable project execution
  • High quality module prefab
  • Reduced number of field man-hours
  • Reduced risk / increased safety


  • 40 cross headers (ca. 50 tons each including structural steel)
  • 42 main headers
  • 380 hook-up spools
  • Carbon steel pipes 
  • Galvanized structural steel


The Royal BAM Group is a successful European construction group. Vopak is the world’s largest independent tank storage provider, specialised in the storage and handling of liquid chemicals, gasses and oil products. The tank terminal at Amsterdam Westpoort consists of 40 tanks, ranging from 10.000 to 50.000 cbm. The total capacity of the tank terminal amounts 1.216.280 cbm and is used mainly for petroleum products.


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