Cooperheat services

Cooperheat supplies on-site services and project management, the manufacturing of bespoke ovens and furnaces, and unique heat treatment equipment.

The home of heat treatment

Cooperheat’s experienced team of designers and engineers are dedicated to solving thermal technology challenges anywhere in the world; whether it be through our unique product designs, the manufacturing of bespoke ovens and furnaces or onsite services and project management.

Our experts work to the highest standards of quality and technology to ensure that problems are solved and challenges overcome safely and cost effectively.

Heat treatment services

Cooperheat provides a full range of heat treatment services onsite or at our facilities. With global resources including more than 1,000 sets of electrical heat treatment equipment, 50 gas and oil burner sets and more than 400 experienced heat treatment technicians, Cooperheat is a leading innovator in thermal technology to the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Power industries.