Cooperheat provide a range of cables designed primarily to connect and distribute electrical power from heat treatment power and control units to single or groups of heating elements in each heating control zone along with connecting each control zone thermocouple or monitoring thermocouple to temperature programmers, controllers and recorders.

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Compensating Cable, Thermocouple Plug and Socket 30m

Suitable for use with type K thermocouples where monitoring thermocouples, in addition to the control thermocouples, are required for temperature monitoring purposes. Supplied in 30m lengths complete with type K thermocouple plug.

100m Roll Of Compensating Cable

100m roll of thermocouple compensation cable without thermocouple plugs or sockets. Suitable for use with type K thermocouples where custom made, additional lengths of thermocouple control, monitoring cables or thermocouple link cables are required. (Thermocouple plugs and sockets can be purchased separately as required.