Programmers & Controllers

Cooperheat supply a range of temperature programmers and controllers for setting and control the required heat treatment cycle. Our Programmers and controllers are custom-made, incorporating unique features, for the localized heat treatment applications such as pipe weld and fabrication weld heat treatment process.

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Stork Cooperheat’s innovative Cooper8 is a heat treatment programmer/controller and digital recorder combined unit which is designed to work in conjunction with standard heat treatment equipment.

Cooper8 Adapter Box

The Adapter Box allows the Cooper8 to interface directly with standard heat treatment transformer units that have built in connections designed for the use of remote programmer/temperature controller.

Cooper8 10" Screen Programmer / Recorder

The Stork Cooperheat, 6 Channel programmer / controller has been developed for use in conjunction with any Transformer Power units, which have contactor control sockets, providing automatic temperature process control for up to six Transformer Unit output channels.