36 Channel unit

Stork Cooperheat’s Cooper36 has been specifically designed to heat treat up to 36 small tubes and pipes simultaneously.

Part no.16080


Stork Cooperheat’s Cooper36 has been specifically designed to heat treat up to 36 small tubes and pipes simultaneously. With Stork Cooperheat’s extensive industry knowledge, it was recognised that there was a requirement for a unit with a higher number of control channels that would be capable of controlling one heater per output specifically designed for small tubes / pipes (i.e. 1” to 5” diameter welds). Traditionally, these pipes are heat treated using multiple standard (6 channel) heat treatment units which results in tying up 300kW of machine output power. However, with the development of Cooper36, one machine with 36 control channels can treat up to 36 pipes at one time using 50kW output power for 36 small diameter pipe welds.

Not only does Cooper36 reduce costs and time associated with using multiple units to heat treat large volumes of pipe and tubing but it also provides added safety benefits by working in conjunction with 30V heaters rather than the standard 60V heaters. Set up time and materials required for the 36 output unit also achieves further cost savings. The feed and return cables are required to supply 45A, allowing lighter, lower cost cable to be used. In addition, by using only one unit instead of six, reduces environmental impact with less transportation requirements and using only one off load electrical losses instead of six.



  • Three phase, forced air cooled, class H, 50kVA
  • Primary winding connected in Delta
  • Secondary winding connected in Star
  • Auxiliary winding: 110V a.c. 3.3kVA single phase


  • Primary voltage: 380V, 415V, 440V
  • Primary current: 76A, 70A, 66A
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz


  • Three phase 80A circuit breaker with shunt trip
  • Three primary core winding over temperature thermostats linked to circuit breaker shunt trip


  • Output: 32.5V for 30V heating element operation
  • Auxiliary outputs: Two 110V, 10A, 50/60Hz output sockets
  • Number of temperature controlled output channels: 36 channels
  • Maximum load per output channel: 1.35kW
  • Maximum current per output channel: 45A


  • Case: 304 Stainless Steel case fitted with four 150mm nylon wheels


  • Weight: 362kg
  • Height: 1420mm
  • Width: 680mm
  • Depth: 665mm


  • 36 single pole, 80A, contractors with 110V a.c. coil


  • Temperature measurement, display and control: Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • Temperature ramp up and down in degrees per hour
  • Hold/soak temperature set point and hold/soak time period setting
CategoryHT Units
Power kVA50 kVA
Voltage380 / 415 / 440 V
Current76 / 70 / 66 A
Frequency50 / 60 Hz
# Output Channels36
Temp. ControllerAdvantage 3