Electrode rod oven (Quiver)

Part no.28110


The integrity of Shielded Metal Arc (SMA) welding depends greatly upon the absence of moisture in the electrode coating. Wet or damp electrodes can create hydrogen diffusion into the weld which leads to hydrogen embrittlement of the weld. Stork Cooperheat Welding Electrode Quivers are designed to dry and bake flux coated welding electrodes. Manufactured to a high standard, Stork Cooperheat quivers, by means of top and bottom zonal heating, provide one of the best temperature uniformities, throughout the heated compartment, of any other comparable unit on the market. Many manufacturers do not state the temperature uniformity in their supplied data. However, as this uniformity is of critical importance to meet electrode manufacturers recommended maximum and minimum drying temperature, we see it as important to control uniformity to within required limits and state this uniformity in our technical specification herein. Stork Cooperheat’s Quiver is fitted with variable temperature control allowing for the internal temperature to be set at any temperature in the range of 50°C to 300 °C.


• Electrode capacity: 5kg (10kg and 15kg capacity quivers also available upon request)
• Operating voltage : 110V
• Power rating : 600W
• Thermostat control temperature adjustable from
50 °C to 300 °C
• Temperature control accuracy: +12,-0°C
• Internal temperature uniformity: ± 25°C
• 2m plug and flexible supply cable and fitted as standard
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