Breathing Air Cascade System Failure

RBG were involved in the cleaning of a Slops Tank onboard the FPSO. Entry to the space was controlled in compliance with the Client Confined Space Entry Procedure. The tank was ventilated and certified as gas free prior to entry, however due to the nature of the task (possible sludge disturbance), the Task Based Risk Assessment identified the wearing of breathing apparatus as a precautionary control measure.

The breathing air was being supplied from a cascade system type - Sabre Safety Air Tempest unit; serial number RBACT005. The individual wearer had used the  same supply hose and simply plugged his own face mask into it, when he commenced work. During operations a problem was experienced with the breathing air supply to the wearer. The equipment had been in use for more than an hour when the wearer became aware that his air supply was reducing and may run out. He made his way to a safe area and removed the face mask and suffered no ill effects as a result.


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