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Stork’s rich history of 150 years is characterized by innovation. We are continuously challenging ourselves to come up with innovative solutions to improve asset performance, minimize costs, reduce risk and enhance safety. We help customers move from planned to preventive to predictive and ultimately prescriptive maintenance. 

Where applicable we apply robotics to efficiently and safely capture data and execute other scopes in often hard-to-reach places.

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Data & Robotics

While we welcome all innovations, Stork’s innovation strategy is especially focused on data & robotics. These two areas are most promising to enhance our overall effectiveness and efficiency and thereby the value we can deliver to clients. 

  • Effectiveness: being able to assess the asset health thanks to big data analytics applied to data collected from sensors and other sources (e.g. maintenance logs), allows us pinpoint required maintenance activities (predictive maintenance). This avoids us doing unnecessary maintenance, as well as being confronted with unexpected shutdowns.
  • Efficiency: having the latest data available via tablets and other wearables in the field, avoids us working with outdated / missing information and allows us to report real-time progress. Similarly robotic solutions (incl. drones) can greatly enhance execution speed, especially for work that needs to be done at heights and in confined spaces.

Digital Solutions

  • Stork is ready to support and partner with clients to capitalize on Industry 4.0 opportunities, by offering a range of solutions that will make your asset performance the industry benchmark.
  • From mobile solutions for work planning & execution to artificial intelligence-based performance monitors, Stork is dedicated to bring value to maintenance, operations, turnarounds and construction execution.

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Digital Solutions

Best Solution to any challenge

No matter where the innovation comes from, at Stork we pride ourselves for finding the best solution to the client challenge. We assume that there is always a better way and are actively looking to find and apply them. We look forward to solving your challenges as well!

These challenges could be:

  • finding novel coating solutions such as nano-paints, electricity generating paints, foils, one-coat systems
  • trying out new inspection techniques, to spot corrosion under insulation, corrosion under supports
  • testing out new sensors to detect vibration, acceleration, moisture
  • reviewing new digital connection methods like LiFi, LoRa, NFC
  • assessing new physical connection methods such as specialty welding, swaging, magnets
  • developing new heat treatment equipment
  • investigating new repair solutions
  • exploring new spare part manufacturing techniques like scan-reengineer-fabricate, 3D printing of parts & molds
  • investing in manufacturing of specialty equipment, think of specialty burners, deaerators, waste incinerators, gears
  • developing innovative internal cleaning techniques: online desanding, emulsifying, dewaxing
  • appraising new surface preparation techniques in the area of ice blasting, sponge blasting, induction stripping
  • co-developing new access techniques like composite scaffolding, robots, drones
  • checking out new wearable solutions: exo-skeletons, head-mounted communication gear, stress sensors
  • gauging the application of new visualization techniques (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality)
  • creating & maintaining digital plants

and many more areas.