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Hot Bolt Clamp

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Safe replacement of corroded bolts on live flanged connections

Heavily corroded flange bolts leave operators uncertain about the bolts’ true integrity. Replacement options can be costly, requiring shutdowns or postponing the decision, leaving corroded bolts in place with a potential for failure. Stork’s patented and award-winning Hot Bolt Clamp technology delivers a third option; providing a means of restoring the flange joint integrity back to its original state in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. 

Did you know that a four bolt flange can be reworked in only 40 minutes using Hot Bolt Clamp, delivering a significant time saving compared with traditional techniques? And also that to date, thousands of four bolt flanged connections have been reworked with a 100% success rate?

How does Hot Bolt Clamp work?

The system maintains the integrity of a connection by allowing corroded or damaged studs to be replaced almost immediately. This can be undertaken with the pipeline remaining in service which removes the requirement for shutdowns and the associated downtime, manpower and bed space requirements. Most importantly, the clamp system improves the safety for offshore operatives and the asset as a whole by reducing the likelihood of hydrocarbon releases.

Technical information:
  • Maximum working pressure – 689 bar
  • Hand pump operation
Typical application:
  • Working from 150 # to 600 # rated joints
  • Temperature range up to 90°C
Works in conjunction with:
  • Hydraulic torque tightening
  • Ultrasonic bolt length measurement

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How we add value

Uninterrupted production

Corroded bolts replaced on live flanged connections with no disruption to production, removing the requirement for a costly shutdown.

Cost reduction

The technology can be used on live assets removing the requirement for shutdowns and associated downtime, reducing manpower and bed space requirements.

Reduce Releases

Reduces the likelihood of hydrocarbon releases, therefore improving the safety of offshore operatives

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