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Proud of our Knowledge

At Stork Asset Management Solutions we aim to make knowledge, which is critical to the services that we provide, accessible. This includes both explicit knowledge (formal, codified knowledge) and tacit knowledge (expertise that a person has but that is difficult to codify).

“Aging” and BRZO: more than just the hardware!

During Major Risks and Accidents Directive (Dutch: BRZO) inspections, the topic of “ageing” is frequently on the agenda. The Dutch website BRZO+ states that "for years, aging in Europe has been the main cause of accidents." The Netherlands is no exception.

A substantiated maintenance concept in six steps

In my work, I often come into contact with customers who feel that maintenance can be better and, above all, cheaper. Then there are those customers who are fine with everything and see maintenance more as a necessary evil. In this blog I will explain the usefulness and necessity of having a substantiated maintenance concept and how it can be managed.

Data relevance – Crucial in Asset Performance Management

The quality of data is a difficult concept; you can approach it intuitively: for example data that is ‘good'. But it quickly becomes trickier when there are several users of the same data, and trickier still if each one of these users wants to achieve different goals with that data.