Improve Deaerator Performance

Reduce both Total Cost of Ownership and energy consumption

Wednesday 7 December 2022 | 10h CET

The reliable removal of oxygen from boiler feedwater dramatically increases the lifespan of steam systems. Preferably, a deaerator should perform three functions (oxygen removal, buffering and preheating of incoming condensate / demi water) and have as low as possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Besides TCO, sustainability of deaerator systems is becoming an important theme: energy usage, CO2 emission, wasted vent steam and use of chemical oxygen scavengers. Both TCO and sustainability vary significantly between the various types of deaerators - tray and spray types - and should be evaluated for design and off-design loads. 

Converting from a tray type to a spray type deaerator results in better performance, lower TCO (no maintenance requirements) and improved sustainability. This process is less complicated and has shorter payback periods than one might think.

In this webinar, Alex Heino discusses the function of the deaerator and the different types of deaerators with their characteristics.
He explains the effect switching from tray type to spray type has on performance, sustainability and potential cost savings.
He also provides guidance on your business case for converting from a tray to a spray type deaerator.

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