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Products & Services


Products & Services that cover the full asset life cycle

Stork acknowledges that significant improvement in asset uptime, availability, efficiency, safety, longevity and return on investment are among the industry’s most important expectations.

To help achieve these expectations, Stork has a premium suite of structured assessment solutions that can be applied throughout the asset lifecycle. Combined with real-time, historical and benchmark data, we are able to provide comprehensive improvement plans.

Subsequently, based on more than 150 years of experience, Stork has a unique products & services portfolio of unmatched depth and breadth to actually implement those plans as well. We are no consultants, but resultants.

We clearly distinguish ourselves with our integrated solutions, allowing us to not just manage, but also continually improve clients’ asset performance.

We know how to take advantage of the remote, sensor-based monitoring and analysis which offers real-time insight into asset performance. Thereby helping our clients move from run-to-fail, to planned, to preventive, to predictive and ultimately to prescriptive maintenance strategies. Stork delivers the right solution based upon the clients’ capital and operational requirements.  

Through the integrated delivery of our services and solutions, Stork is capable of increasing the clients’ competitive advantage.