Spare Parts

Spare Parts

High quality spares and components, according to OEM standards

Gearbox components to OEM quality standards

Flexible in-house component manufacturing capabilities give us full control of the overall gearbox repair process. We offer proven high quality up to and exceeding OEM standards, as well as unique repair solutions for re-use of existing components.

With over 50 years of machining experience, we can repair, modify and manufacture virtually all gearbox components, round-the-clock, no matter how complex.

Gearbox Spare Parts

Pump spare parts delivery program

Access to both in-house and outsourced component manufacturing gives us the flexibility and control over the general pump repair process.

As OEM, we offer high-quality pump spare parts and unique repair solutions by state-of-the-art reverse engineering techniques. We can repair, modify and manufacture virtually all pumps and components.

Pump Spare Parts

Gas & Steam Turbine Blades and components

Stork supplies high quality blades and components for all types of steam turbines and virtually all types of gas turbines. We work for all major OEM's, service companies and directly for end users. 

We have already reverse engineered most types and we have a stock program for the most popular types of gas turbines. We deliver the highest quality standards quickly for competitive prices.

Turbine Blades & Components

Turbo Compressor Spare Parts

Stork supplies high-quality compressor parts. Based on our high-end reverse engineering and manufacturing capabilities we are able to make components for a wide selection of compressors. 

  • Axial compressor blades & vanes
  • Radial compressor impellors, shaft, accessories, and more.

Turbo Compressor Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Boilers, Burners and Deaerators

Stork Thermeq supplies high quality parts and components for deaerators and sprayers, burners and retrofits and boilers.

Stock materials for steel components (e.g. boiler tubes) are available. 

Boilers, Burners and Deaerators