Giana GFP 12 CNC

Giana GFP 12 CNC

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Giana GFP 12 CNC - Parallel lathe two bedways

Stork Gears & Services is continuously improving her inhouse facilities in order to offer her customers the highest service level and fastest repair times. 

The Giana GFP 12 CNS is a powerful numerical controlled parallel lathe that is able to cut very long keyways. Below the capacities of the lathe. 

GIANA GFP 12 CNC-560x6300
Useful turning length 6000 mm
Swing over bed 1120 mm
Swing over slide 690 mm
Swing over bed guideways 1020÷1220 mm
Swing over cross slide 590÷790 mm
Between centers 13500 kg

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