Laser Cladding Photo Gallery

Laser Cladding Photo Gallery

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Laser Cladding photo gallery 

Laser Cladding is the innovative technology for the application of metallic coatings using a powerful diode laser.
Our Laser Clad department is continuously diskovering and implementing new solutions for surface treatments. For example, we are now able to laserclad bronze surfaces. Recently, lasercladding is used for the repair of high wear components of rotating equipment in e.g. marine and dredging applications. Click the thumbnails for our recent Laser Clad projects. 

Repair of bronze surfaces through laser cladding Damage repair of a mixer shaft for the plastics industry Low heat-input prevents distortion of the shaft
Fast shaft repair in order to provide wear resistance Laser cladding with Inconel 625 at a 42CrMo4 piston Repair of an axiaal,the thermal input can be precisely controlled
Damage repair of a hollow shaft with our robotarm ROMAT 320 Repair of rotating equipment for the dredging industry Shaft repair with excellent control of the layer thickness
Laser cladding gearboxes with our robotarm ROMAT 320 Preparations for onsite ship repair Onsite laser cladding, soon more details!

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