Relocations & Decommissioning

Relocations & Decommissioning

Complete industrial relocation and decommissioning services

Stork is the expert provider of integrated decommissioning & industrial plant relocations support services. We provide a wide range of integrated support services to help you safely and cost-effectively deliver complex decommissioning projects or relocate an entire plant or installation. We have developed experienced, in-depth processes and methods to ensure we deliver safe, efficient and cost effective solutions.


Relocations are faster, more sustainable, cheaper and more predictable than new build. We move what was never meant to be moved. Relocating an installation or a complete plant may look like an impossible task. Stork, a Fluor company, not only makes it possible, we can carry out your relocation safely, efficiently and cost effective. All over the world.

Customers around the world rely on our experience, expertise and skilled workforce to meet plant managers’ challenge of maintaining a license to operate while achieving consistent, reliable production. With our heritage of technical know-how, Stork people are experts in understanding how plants operate and delivering effective total relocation solutions.


Stork understands that successful decommissioning requires flexible, multidisciplinary teams with dismantling knowledge and the ability to provide traceability and innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment.

That’s how we maximize your productivity and deliver cost-effective decommissioning. With our extensive experience and full support capabilities, we will partner with you right through the decommissioning process – from preparing to cease production, through process and utilities separation, to disconnection, removal and specialist cleaning.

PRINCE Project Management

Complete project execution, from prefabrication to installation, can be integrated in Stork’s PRINCE system, which offers integrated workflow and business process management for controlled execution of multidisciplinary construction projects and modifications. PRINCE includes the work preparation and traceable administration of:

  • Piping (prefab & field)
  • Mechanical
  • Non Destructive Examinations (NDE)
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Electrical & instrumentation
  • Steel structures
  • Painting, insulation, scaffolding

How we add value

Multi-disciplined approach

Multi-disciplinary teams have the skills to deliver in an ever-changing environment and can manage the complete relocations or decommissioning process from start to finish.

Single contact

One focal point of contact for the whole process reduces customer/supplier interfaces and improves project efficiency.


Innovative products and services are considered at all times to challenge traditional decommissioning and relocations methods.

Additional Offering

Range of additional destruct services for safe and effective removal, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing material re-use.

Efficient & Effective

By aligning with your objectives we determine the most efficient and effective way to handle relocations or decommissioning.

Cost Reductions

We drive significant cost savings while maintaining outstanding HSE performance throughout the relocations or decommissioning process.

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