Field Innovation

Field Innovation

Innovative solutions to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency

Stork’s rich history of 150 years is characterized by innovation. Stork continually develops innovative solutions to improve asset performance, minimize costs, reduce risk, and enhance safety.

Asset Performance Improvements

  • Hot Bolt Clamp: Stork’s patented and multi-award winning technology for the safe replacement of corroded bolts on live four-bolt flanged connections without disrupting production.
  • Advanced Online Desanding: sand removal from live systems to shorten turnaround durations, increase production and avoid confined-space work. 
  • Mobile Laser Cladding: a tool to repair damaged turbine casings on the spot, drastically reducing shutdown time. 
  • Active Condition Monitoring: solution to improve asset performance by moving to predictive, even prescriptive maintenance schedules.
  • 3D Reverse Engineering: mobile scanning solution to quickly reproduce, and improve the design of parts, reducing shutdown costs.
  • Podium Step: a safe, composite scaffold that can be deployed in 30 seconds by no more than 2 per persons. A time and cost-saving alternative to traditional scaffolding.

Reducing risk, enhancing safety

  • Control Valve Diagnostics: reduce maintenance and modification time by periodically assessing the condition of critical control valves while they are in-service.
  • Specialist Caisson Inspection: technology to improve safety and costs when inspecting caissons, irrespective of the weather conditions, and an alternative to divers and ROV’s. 
  • Internal drone inspections: reduce time-consuming confined-space work in hazardous conditions, allowing a reduction of equipment downtime.
  • Over-pressured Inflated habitats: de-risking hot work that has to be executed in live plants.
  • Close-proximity radiation mats: limiting radiation when performing in-facility radiography.
  • Extended Reach Breathing Apparatus System (ERBAS): allowing faster entry and exit from confined spaces utilizing a fast air bottle refill solution should calamities happen.
  • Safekeeper: solution to safely store temporary fire extinguishers, avoiding them becoming tripping and/or dropped object hazards at site.

Digital Solutions

  • Stork is ready to support and partner with clients to capitalize on Industry 4.0 opportunities, by offering a range of solutions that will make your asset performance the industry benchmark.
  • From mobile solutions for work planning & execution to artificial intelligence-based performance monitors, Stork is dedicated to bring value to maintenance, operations, turnarounds and construction execution.

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Digital Solutions

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