Lean Maintenance

Lean Maintenance

Providing insight and guidance in defining and improving the performance of the technical services department

In a changing world it is crucial that your company asset and maintenance management organization fits the defined targets and is capable of meeting them. Processes should be designed and implemented so they perfectly match the current capabilities and (future) challenges. This covers asset performance, safety, compliance, risks and costs.

Stork Asset Management Technology has developed an Organization and Processes Maturity Model that provides insight and guidance in defining and improving your technical department. Based on our wide experience we are capable of assessing your current organization and processes against the defined purposes and benchmarks. As reference, five organizational maturity levels are defined: Starting, Developing, Organised, Mature and Excellence. The characteristics, roles and processes are described for each maturity level.

The added value for the client is the opportunity to make use of Stork’s knowledge in organizing the maintenance department. This knowledge will help you to match the strategy and external demands in the most efficient and effective way. The reference to maturity levels will help you to identify the ‘AS IS’ status of your organization and to plan and prepare for the organization you would like ‘TO BE’.

Our services include:

  • Hands-on Guidance in organizing maintenance departments, co-management if so required. Setting and meeting improvement plans
  • Definition of maintenance processes, roles and organization and implementation. Training and coaching where required. Genuinely embed the new way of working
  • Definition of shutdown processes, roles and organization, hands-on implementation. Advise on shortening shut down windows
  • Material management, setting and implementing best practices. Business case driven approach
  • Benchmarking towards best-in-class

How we add value

  • Lean maintenance organization
  • Clear and defined roles & responsibilities
  • Increased efficiency in processes
  • Cost savings by improved material management

Lean Maintenance by Stork Asset Management Solutions

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