Performance Maintenance

Performance Maintenance

Realizing flexibility by outsourcing

Stork offers a range of partnership services to support you in implementing best practices on outsourcing. Based on your business challenges and present capabilities, we will work with you to develop a tailored contract model. We strongly believe that a partnership based on win-win principles will be most effective. We apply our best practices on these activities to make sure we can run them for you better, faster, cheaper.

Because asset management is often differently interpreted, a clear definition of asset management including boundaries is essential. We therefore have developed operational models based on asset management best practices covering a multidisciplinary approach dealing with maintenance, engineering and operating processes. Next to the definition of the scope, a company needs to describe the interactions with other business processes, e.g. logistics and finance. Once what is considered as asset management (and what is not) has been defined, asset management is modeled in a framework or a system. The Stork Asset Management Model is used as a reference model.

Our starting points in each outsourcing journey are: 

  • A true collaborative approach with the client
  • Understanding of client values and cultures
  • The best workforce within a variety of technical disciplines
  • Best-in-class asset optimization and methodologies
  • Uncompromising safety
  • Sustainability

Governance rules/regulations and risk management form an essential part of asset management. Starting from the company’s and stakeholders’ requirements, the asset management policy, strategy and goals need to be set up. The strategy then has to be translated into maintenance concepts. Results must be measured and analyzed, and improvement measures need to be implemented.

Organizational challenges

Realizing these processes requires an adequate and optimized organization, that needs to be staffed with people who have the required competencies, skills and cultural requirements. The necessary infrastructure and tools need to be organized. Key success factors to achieve the targets are special attention to change management, project management and knowledge management.

New ways of working for your organization requires people oriented transition management. Key to success lies in motivating people to adapt to the Stork way of working and its improvement culture. These aspects are captured in tailor made coaching and training on the job by Stork. We address topics like process safety, process thinking, respect & teamwork, result-driven, client focus and continuous improvement.

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