Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management

Excellent asset management drives excellent asset performance

Asset driven companies seek for maximizing their asset performance, optimizing the associated expenditure and ensuring asset and operational integrity over the total asset life cycle. Decisions on the asset management agenda are business case driven, with decreasing time windows of ROI targets. Sustainability is of increasing importance and is shifting towards the License to Operate agenda and even to the business agenda. Several factors impact the way assets are operated, but the requirements on predictability of asset performance are increasing. 

Stork Asset Management Technology offers field proven experience. Our Strategic Asset Management Consultants support asset-driven companies in meeting those challenges in a structured and controlled way, while ensuring asset and operational integrity over the total asset life cycle. Excellent performance of assets and asset management contribute to sustainable results in profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our services include:

  • Definition and practical translation of Asset management policy and strategy
  • Facilitation of Risk assessments, the process itself and bringing in reliability and integrity expertise and supporting organization to frame their risk management
  • Assessment of Organizational integrity and offering improvement models to improve control and get compliant
  • Definition and implementation of Asset management system, framework and processes (based on the Stork Asset Management Model )
  • Asset management organizational modeling including implementation in client organization
  • Asset management performance modeling (objectives and KPIs) including implementation of asset management performance systems like meridium and ivara
  • Asset management assessments and audits, indicating the current status of the maturity of the asset management organization. Helping out in the journey from reactive towards predictive towards pro-active maintenance
  • Life-cycle costing and feasibility studies on life time extension

We help our clients at strategic, tactical and operational levels by implementing and executing best practices in asset management policy & strategy, processes & organizational structures and IT infrastructural solutions. Our capabilities in knowledge, change and project management ensure that these best practices are embedded in the organization and embodied by the client's people. We are committed to achieving sustainable results.  

We have translated PAS-55 in a field proven Asset Management Model. This model has been developed and improved in collaboration with a number of clients in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power and other industries where assets operate 24/7, and covers the entire asset life‑cycle. The model forms the basis to help companies getting in control over their assets in a structured and pragmatic way. Our knowledge and experience is captured in training material which is validated and approved by the Institute of Asset Management. As such we are endorsed trainer, a benefit which we offer to our clients in the way we work during implementation of PAS-55.

Strategic Asset Management covers ‘field proven’ solutions. These solutions are strategically oriented processes, approaches and methodologies to support clients in the implementation of their long‑term optimized asset and asset management strategies. 

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