Stork approach on COVID-19

Stork approach on COVID-19

As the global impact of the COVID-19 virus unfolds, we put the safety and health of our employees and clients first. This communication is intended to inform you about our approach to COVID-19. Stork’s response is focused on keeping our employees and their families safe while at the same time taking care of our clients and maintaining critical operations to minimize consequences for all stakeholders. We are monitoring the situation daily, country-by-country, and follow the advice of the relevant national health authorities. As these approaches vary between countries, at Stork we defined a set of Global Mandatory Expectations. These have been in place for some weeks now to ensure good practice is applied consistently every day, everywhere. Where local controls exceed these requirements, the higher standard applies.

In order to pro-actively respond to questions regarding Stork’s approach to COVID-19, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), see below. These FAQ*  will be updated frequently as the COVID-19 situation is very dynamic.

What measures does Stork implement to protect against transmission of the virus?

Stork is doing many things to keep our employees and clients safe and healthy across our global business. To ensure we remain safer together, we do our utmost to prevent the spreading of the virus, including implementing those measures promoted by WHO and regional health authorities. Our controls include:

  • We encourage all Stork employees to promote good health, like frequent washing of hands, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing;
  • We apply social distancing at work and refrain from handshaking, hugging or kissing as a means of greeting each other;
  • We support our employees who can work from home, to work from home;
  • We require employees to check their own health prior to attending work;
  • We require employees to stay home and seek medical attention in case they experience fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms;
  • We have suspended all non-essential face-to-face meetings and training;
  • All international travel has been suspended until further notice and we follow any traveler quarantine requirements;
  • Visitors to Stork locations are asked to fill in a questionnaire in advance to detect possible COVID-19 risk before reaching our locations. Upon arrival, visitors are asked to adhere to our requirements for hygiene such as frequent handwashing and no hand shaking;
  • We have increased the cleaning regime of workspaces, meeting areas and communal areas and have made hand sanitizer products available;

What happens if a Stork employee is diagnosed with or suspected of an infection with COVID-19?

If a Stork employee is suspected to have contracted the virus, the employee will be required to self-quarantine at home for the time period recommended by health authorities. Stork will work with public health organisations to investigate with whom this person has been in contact with, within Stork and relevant other companies (if at all) and will notify persons at risk as soon as possible. The employee will not return to work before fully recovered and any public health quarantine requirements have been completed.

Will Stork continue working at client sites?

Business continuity for our clients is extremely important to us at Stork, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met without unnecessary disruption, as long as we can do this safely. We will always look for the best approach to address our clients’ challenges, including those created by COVID 19. Please contact your account- or delivery manager at Stork in the first instance if you do require assistance.

What if Stork’s protocol is not in line with the guidelines of clients?

Stork follows the guidelines of national health authorities. If clients have additional measures, Stork ensures alignment with clients´ protocols through collaboration to assure a unified mitigating philosophy of people protection and loss prevention. In addition, Stork remains in close contact with clients, so as not to execute any action without coordination.

How does Stork inform different stakeholders?

Stork continues to focus on keeping all stakeholders safe and healthy. Updated information and communication is of key importance as we navigate through this crisis. We provide regular updates on our guidelines and actions to all staff. Clients and suppliers are pro-actively informed about Stork’s position and implemented measures.

In case you have additional questions or require assistance, contact your account- or delivery manager at Stork or send an e-mail to



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