Stork serves Clients throughout the USA and worldwide.

Stork in the USA helps clients to improve performance and extend their asset life, focusing on minimizing downtime, enhancing cost-effective production, and maximizing return on investment, while working to the highest health, safety, and environmental standards.

Find Stork locations in the USA


Salt Lake City

Through our Salt Lake City Service Center, we support Clients as a premier integrated maintenance provider with expertise in sustaining capital and turnarounds, covering the full asset life cycle, adding value to the business, and strengthening the competitive position of our Clients.



Northwest Indiana

The Northwest Indiana Hub is equipped to meet your maintenance, construction, project engineering, and reliability engineering needs. Our goal is to go beyond mere maintenance and construction to offer clients maintenance combined with reliability and construction tied to LEAN principles.


Gulf Coast Hubs

In the Gulf Coast area, our service center draws from the eight Fluor/Stork facilities that provide clients with plant engineering, equipment and scaffolding, training and recruiting, specialty services, and more. Our diversified maintenance services help improve clients’ performance and extend their asset life.


Plant Engineering Services

With expertise in capital projects, turnarounds, and maintenance, Plant Engineering Services offers site‑based engineering teams and project management resources tailored to meet specific client needs on an ongoing or as‑needed basis.



Global Solutions for the Power Industry

Stork has a legacy spanning 150 years in designing, manufacturing and installing business-critical equipment and materials, ranging from pumps, pipes, gearboxes and turbine blades to deaerators, boilers & burners and complete power-generating installations. 

We combine high-quality product engineering with independent provision of in-depth asset integrity management. Stork can supply OEM equipment to EPC, provide custom-built machines based on the clients’ specific requirements, and replace obsolete machines with new and improved designs.

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