Whitepaper: Delivering Asset Value

Whitepaper: Delivering Asset Value

Reliability and Integrity: it's a balancing act?!

Many asset owners are struggling with challenges like how to optimise the performance of their assets in a sustainable way, how to comply with current regulations, which data to capture to predict asset failures, how to improve their maintenance strategy by closing the loop, and so on.

Stork has found the answers by designing a 'control tower' approach to connect the essential elements of availability, reliability and integrity. 

In this whitepaper you will learn more about:

  • The integrated Asset Reliability & Integrity Management ('ARIM') framework
  • A pragmatic approach on how to implement ARIM in an effective and sustainable way
  • The added value of Asset Reliability & Integrity Management for each asset value

Download the whitepaper now and get started!

Whitepaper: Delivering Asset Value
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