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Stork Turbo Blading supplies high-quality blading and components for virtually all gas and steam turbine applications required by OEMs, Service Providers & End Users. We have a large inventory of gas turbine blades plus extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities for steam turbine blades. Our team delivers on site, where and when you need it. 



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Our specialist project teams have a broad understanding of the energy production process and in-depth process knowledge of turbo machinery. Our certified approach to project management, an uncompromising commitment to safety, and our impressive technical capabilities combine to provide our customers with the highest quality blades with the shortest lead times. Our blading companies are located in Sneek, the Netherlands and Ithaca NY, United States of America.


Our dedication to accuracy is exemplified by incorporating it into every aspect of the manufacturing process. Maintaining our uncompromising benchmarks begins with destructive and non-destructive examination of all raw and finished material. Strict adherence to tolerances is ensured by systematic, consistent and stringent quality inspections. Simply put, our product’s quality meets or exceeds that of many OEMs and ensures that your ordered products are fit for purpose.


Stork is fully committed to being recognized as a world leader in HSEQ. REACH Beyond Zero helps us achieve this goal.

REACH Beyond Zero is our HSEQ vision, to activate and engage all Stork employees to challenge themselves, to think and do more to improve our HSEQ culture and performance. As an organization we REACH beyond Zero by functioning as one team, with shared values, driving action to transform our HSEQ culture and performance.

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