Stork AquaWrap [en Inglés]

Stork AquaWrap [en Inglés]

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Cost-effective and durable subsea composite repairs

Stork AquaWrap is a pre-preg, high-strength composite system used to reinforce and repair piping and infrastructure components in wet or underwater conditions. It halts and encapsulates external corrosion to restore structural integrity

It consists of a high-strength fiberglass substrate that is factory‑impregnated with a moisture-cured urethane (MCU) resin system. Once activated by water, the chemical reaction cure takes about 30 minutes to be dry to touch. Each of the rolls is supplied in a nitrogen-filled, multi-layer Mylar bag, and requires no mixing or resin preparation

The product is available in a range of widths from 2” – 12” and lengths up to 150 ft. to accommodate any pipe sizes. It creates a permanent bond to a variety of materials such as metals, concrete, wood and plastics. When cured, AquaWrap is resistant to fuels, most solvents and chemicals.

Stork AquaWrap contains no VOCs, is odorless and non-flammable, non-toxic, ships non-hazardous and is NSF-certified to ANSI/NSF standard 61 for use with potable water.

The benefits of Stork AquaWrap include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Uses a water-activated polyurethane resin
  • Simple and easy to use – just ‘rip & wrap’
  • Cures in wet conditions and underwater
  • Many different widths and lengths
  • Excellent toughness – resists cracking
  • Heat resistant to 120°C
  • 30-minute working time, perfect for long installations
  • High strength
  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range


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