Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG - Germany

Power station rotor overhaul - Germany

Overhaul of a 250,000 kVA generator rotor

The customer operates 3 hydrogen-cooled BBC generators, each of 250,000 kVA, at a block-unit power station. During recent decades the original rotor insulation of the generators has aged, and the rotor winding design shows weak spots. The customer also wants the existing used spare rotor to be refurbished, including modification of the weak spots.

Customer profile
Großkraftwerk Mannheim AG (GKM) is the energy provider for Mannheim and the surrounding area. It operates one of Europe’s most efficient coal-fired power plants, with a total gross capacity of 1,675 MW. The units are operated in the base and intermediate load range.

Stork has been charged with improving (new design), manufacturing and assembling a modified rotor winding for the spare rotor of these three units. Stork also carried out some mechanical modifications on this spare rotor to make it convertible. Stork won this order against the OEM and other competitors by offering a better concept at a fair price.

Results & benefits

  • Dismantling of the original retaining rings and the rotor winding
  • New design of these components by our engineers
  • Manufacturing of these components
  • Assembling and insulating of the new rotor winding
  • Balancing of the rotor in a high speed bunker with a maximum speed of 3360 r.p.m.

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