RWE - Essent Amercentrale - Netherlands

Focus on Operational Excellence

Essent AMERCENTRALE – The Netherlands

Customer Profile

  • Essent is part of the international RWE Group.
  • Essent is the largest energy company in the Netherlands, providing private and business customers with gas, electricity, heat and energy services.
  • Essent’s Amer-8 plant (645 MW) is the larger of two units making up the Amercentrale power station (total 1245 MW), which supplies a large part of the south of the Netherlands with electricity. The plant has been in operation since 1980.


  • Broad range of maintenance works (5yrs)
  • Shutdown of Amer-8 (early 2011)
  • Static Equipment services
  • Rotating Equipment Services
  • EMRA (electrical, measurement, control and automation technology)


  • Long term cost reduction
  • Optimized asset performance
  • Integrated daily maintenance & shut downs

Great performance from a technical / commercial point of view as well as in the areas of workplace safety and environmental protection.”
Mr. Herzog– RWE


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