Ontgassers, Boilers, Branders

Ontgassers, Boilers, Branders

Stork Thermeq

Explore the added value of integrated consulting, engineering, manufacturing and service. 

The Stork Thermeq – activities include products, components and services in the following areas:


Profile Stork ThermeqConsultancy and engineering services are focused on:

  • Heat transfer, hydrodynamics, steam/water
  • Combustion systems
  • Environmental compliance
  • Stress calculations
  • Process control, instrumentation and simulation
  • Process optimization and system design
  • Testing and inspection
  • Boiler calculations
  • Boiler measurements
  • Exhaust gas measurements

Our Services


Leading in deaerator-technology and licensor of the world-wide known branded Stork Spray Type deaerator. The deaerator is used in steam/water cycles with triple functionalities: deaerating, buffering and preheating of incoming condensate/demi water

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Stork Thermeq’s specialists in combustion technology have technical and financial expertise to help you reach your goals

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Boiler Services

Stork Thermeq’s specialist expertise in boiler services supports you in improving and maintaining your boiler performance. You will be assisted from initial brainstorm up to commissioning of new in-house built boiler components.

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Boiler Projects

Stork Thermeq is your specialist for biofuel conversion, waste-to-energy, waste-to-product, hybrid boiler solutions, E-boiler implementation and heat recovery in industrial facilities

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Environmental Solutions

Stork Thermeq can help Clients to achieve environmental compliance at its existing industrial installations. Our support can vary from feasibility study, all to turnkey projects including engineering, procurement, construction at site and commissioning.

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Niet-destructief onderzoek

NDO verhoogt de betrouwbaarheid van uw asset.

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Manufacturing and assembly

The core products deaerators, burners and boiler pressure parts are manufactured in the 16.000 sqm new build workshop.

Sectors served

Power stations, industrial power plants (for instance refineries, paper industry, food processing), waste-to-energy, waste-to-product, and EPC-contractors and consultants in power engineering.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction of Stork Thermeq’s policy is the regular investigation of customer satisfaction. A specialized agency has developed questionnaires general and specific surveys and inquiries within the specific Product Lines. All Stork Thermeq customers are invited to join this survey program.


Stork Thermeq has its own production facilities with approximately 100 specialists. Additionally, the engineering department consists of 30 engineering specialists (mechanical & process). About 60 employees (Project Managers and Services Engineers) are responsible for (major) projects in retrofits (boiler en burner) and boiler services. Together with sales personnel and staff functions, Stork Thermeq employs some 260 people in total. Most of them work at Stork Thermeq’s location in Hengelo, the Netherlands. For Belgium and the southern and western parts of The Netherlands, specialized regional service offices are available. In Germany Stork Thermeq has partnerships with engineers and consultants in the energy and environmental sector. Representatives within Stork Thermeqs global sales network can be reached to advise on different products and services.


History Stork Thermeq

Dating originally from 1827 and founded in Hengelo in 1868 – Stork began the development and manufacturing of boilersystems as a major productgroup. Stork Boilers was formed as a separate entity in 1982. In 1997 Stork Thermeq B.V. was formed from the remnants of this boiler division.
Engineering activities are now focused on the more complicated water-steam systems including integration of feed water deaerators and Ultra Low NOx burners. Stork Thermeq assists customers in finding the most economical and technically suitable solution. The expertise gained through our many years of experience in power engineering makes us a reliable business-partner for customers all over the world.


Ketelmakerij 2 ● 7553 ZP Hengelo the Netherlands

P.O. Box 33 ● 7550 AA Hengelo the Netherlands

Info.thermeq@stork.com ● + 31 (0)88 08 91100

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