Valve Diagnostics

Valve Diagnostics

Improve your valve reliability by focusing the spend of your maintenance budget

Valve maintenance is often a critical factor in major plant shutdowns and turnarounds, with production systems taken offline it is crucial for maintenance to be planned as efficiently as possible to reduce cost and downtime.

Stork’s Valve Diagnostics service uses an array of innovations to assess the condition of shutoff-, safety-, and control valves. This assessment identifies which valves need to be overhauled and need repair. Leading to a focusing of the maintenance budgets on the critical valves that need it.

This innovative approach can reduce valve maintenance costs by up to 60%.

How we add value

  • Improve the reliability of your critical valves by assessing them more frequently.
  • Focusing your spent of the maintenance budget, by overhauling only the valves that need repair.
  • Improves the efficiency of shutdown planning and execution. Catching the damaged valves at an early stage allows for careful planning of maintenance and for the ordering of the needed parts in advance.

 How does it work?

Together with the client Stork makes a selection of the valves to be diagnosed, based on criticality, process conditions and overhaul history. Depending on the type of valve one or more of the innovative test benches and/or equipment is then utilized by a technician to carry out the assessment. For the greatest efficiency the inspection will take place in-line during production or at the start of a shutdown.