Veiligheid en veilig reizen

Veiligheid en veilig reizen

***** De Nederlandse vertaling van deze beleidsverklaring volgt op korte termijn *****

Travel and security policy statement

Stork, a Fluor company, is committed to ensuring that business travel is conducted in a safe and controlled manner, and that the health and safety of all employees is protected whilst travelling for business activities.

We shall always seek to provide a secure working environment and adopt appropriate international standards to protect our employees and operations against the risks of injury, loss or damage from accidents, criminal, hostile or malicious acts.

To enable us to deliver this commitment we shall:

  • Monitor and assess the security risks of the places where we conduct business and the specific risks associated with our operations.
  • Provide security briefings and training to our employees, as appropriate and actively promote awareness of security issues.
  • Exercise our contingency and emergency response procedures to ensure potential security issues are effectively dealt with.
  • Monitor, report and investigate security incidents that occur.
  • Require that our employee traveler profiles are completed and maintained.
  • Require that all travel and accommodation is arranged through Stork authorized travel agencies.
  • Ensure appropriate visas, work permits and insurance are in place prior to travel.
  • Arrange for medical consultations and vaccinations appropriate for the country of travel.
  • Not permit travel to countries with an International SOS travel or medical risk rating of ‘extreme’ without prior approval of the President of Stork.
  • Only permit travel to countries with a ‘high’ travel or medical risk rating under strictly controlled conditions and appropriate authorization.
  • Ensure that efficient active monitoring and travel tracking is carried out where appropriate.
  • The President of Stork is responsible for ensuring that the policy is made in accordance with the group principles. The leaders of the business lines are responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented and communicated to all the employees in their respective organizations as well as to contractors and others working on our behalf and that the policy is made available to the public and other interested parties.

The leaders of the business lines are also responsible for compliance with local laws in jurisdictions where their organizations operate and for ensuring that appointed managing directors of (local) legal entities (to the extent those leaders are not acting in that capacity themselves) act in accordance with local laws in this respect.

This policy statement will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.


Taco de Haan
President of Stork
Utrecht, November 2017


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