Effective Intervention

Effective Intervention is something that we can all do well.  If you see something unsafe, whether you work onshore or offshore, from someone not holding the stair handrail to poorly maintained plant, then you have the right to intervene: if you see it, sort it!

All of the campaign materials are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to effectively intervene should a situation feel unsafe.  We have broken the campaign down into a simple 3-step process – Approach, Discussion and Solution – that can be applied across a range of activities.

Please find below a range of onshore and offshore Effective Intervention campaign materials: PowerPoint presentations, posters, case studies and a short video featuring our 2014 REACH Beyond Zero Annual Award winner for Incident Prevention, Dale Robinson, whose actions illustrated an exemplary intervention.  Please take the time to share these materials with your teams.   

Should you have any queries or would like to provide feedback on our most recent HSEQ campaign, please email: REACHBeyondZero@stork.com.