Wednesday 14 December
16h CET / 3PM UK / 10AM ET
Duration: 45 minutes


Sebastiaan Niessen | Maintenance Engineer, Stork

Dan Gordon  | Maintenance Engineer, Stork

Joey Steenbakker  | CCO, TP Europe

Strategies to prevent and remedy fugitive emissions

Research shows that nearly 5% of asset components are leaking excessive emissions into the atmosphere. This can be via pipe flanges, seals on valves, pumps, compressors, turbines, tanks and other equipment. If those emissions are volatile hydrocarbons, then apart from creating potentially unsafe situations, they are most probably harmful to the environment as well.

Our subject-matter experts will discuss strategies and technologies that can help your organization prevent unintentional leaks, and when leaks occur, to discover and remedy them as quickly as possible, enabling you to be more profitable and compliant.

They will discuss:

  • What are fugitive emissions?
  • What is the impact of fugitive emissions? What can be the consequences?
  • How can you spot and measure fugitive emissions?
  • A multi-tier approach to reduce and avoid fugitive emissions

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