Integrity Engineering Management

Integrity Engineering Management

Ensuring safety, protecting the environment and maximizing asset integrity

Stork has been a leading provider of integrity engineering and management services, for over 20 years. We work with operators to help ensure the safety of personnel, protect the environment and minimize asset integrity expenditure. We reduce risk while prioritizing resources.  This in turn, reduces costs by maintaining plant integrity uptime through the reduction of unplanned shutdowns using process inspection, corrosion, pipelines, structures and subsea disciplines.

Our technical experts work closely with you to provide the best mix of engineering knowledge and industry know-how, resulting in the optimum solution. Stork enable/offer asset integrity assurance at the peak of the asset responsibility chain whilst ensuring quality, reliability and value creation at the point of delivery.

Our track record is based on a broad knowledge base combined with technical skills and extensive experience in inspection, corrosion, erosion and materials degradation processes and mechanisms. Our systems optimize asset safety, integrity and life-cycle costs. We can provide a total integrity management service or a specialist niche application, with all stages between, depending on your needs. Our comprehensive portfolio enables the integration of knowledge-based engineering with practical field-based experience and capability. The result is a unique package, combining the ‘thinking and doing’ aspects of technical integrity and delivering an unrivaled quality and diversity of service.

Our process offering includes:

  • Integrity Management of static pressure systems, structures and pipelines
  • Corrosion engineering and risk assessment
  • RBI & Planning
  • Cathodic protection services for: Subsea structures, Ports, harbors
  • Maintenance management and optimisation
  • NDT and heat treatment
  • Subsea Integrity and Inspection Management
  • Monitoring technology for corrosion and erosion
  • Specialist inspection services (e.g. risers and caissons)
  • Materials testing, analysis and failure investigation
  • High Pressure water jetting/cleaning
  • Pipeline dewatering  and debris recovery
  • Pipeline pressure testing & isolation

Our external accreditations ensure that our management systems, procedures, personnel competence controls and document management controls deliver a quality assured integrity service. Stork’s Integrity Management and Engineering team provides the right support.

How we add value

Integrity assured

Comprehensive asset integrity services that assures asset integrity, while reducing cost, risk and unplanned downtime

Comprehensive offering

Total integrity management service and/or specialist niche applications to your specific project requirements

Quality assured

Proven knowledge, skills, experience, competency and breadth of capability for a quality assured integrity service.

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