Asset Management Enabling Technologies -3-




Duration: 30 minutes

Date: April 10, 2024

Time: 12.00 PM CET

Language: English


Johan Ferket  | Stork AMT

Pieter Wielemaker  | Stork AMT

APM transformational planning, tool selection & performance tracking

In December 2023 we started a series of three webinars about the theme "asset management enabling technologies". In these webinars, we'll discuss the different aspects of connectivity and the enabling technologies, which in our opinion is crucial for the successful operation of your assets. 

In this third webinar, Johan Ferket and Pieter Wielemaker will focus on three important items in the Asset Performance Management (APM) journey: transformational planning, tool and software evaluation and performance tracking. 

They will provide answer to the questions:

  • What are the main stage gates in the APM Roadmap?
  • Which tooling and software are best suited for your situation: how to evaluate and choose?
  • How to close the loop: APM performance tracking?

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