Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement

Policy Statement

At Stork, safety is our first core value. Our goals are simple: no accidents; no harm to people; and no harm to the environment. To put our safe value into practice, and help us achieve these goals, we have good Health, Safety and Environmental stewardship at the heart of our strategy and the way we do business. We believe safety is a team effort and that by working as a team we are Safer Together.

To make our value and our goals a reality, we are committed to:

  • Effective employee engagement and participation in our HSE programs

  • Participation of, and consultation with, employees and their representatives

  • Prevention of injuries and ill health through the provision of safe working conditions

  • Providing clients with products and services that are safe, cost effective and environmentally sound

  • Promotion of good health and wellbeing

  • Environmental protection through the minimisation of waste and pollution prevention

  • Efficient use of energy and resources

  • Compliance with legal and other requirements, including applicable HSE laws, regulations, and Stork HSE Standards

  • Continual improvement of our HSE management, performance and culture

To achieve these commitments, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive HSE management system that meets the requirements of international certification, standards and stakeholders. We hold Stork leaders responsible and accountable for providing the financial, human and organisational resources necessary to ensure its effective implementation and maintenance.

Furthermore, our commitment to HSE excellence is demonstrated by:

  • Integrating HSE into our business systems and processes

  • Defining HSE roles and responsibilities for personnel throughout the organisation

  • Promoting a proactive culture and healthy lifestyle

  • Identifying hazards arising from all phases of our activities and eliminating these where possible; assessing any remaining risks and reducing these to the lowest practicable levels

  • Establishing ambitious goals, monitoring our performance, adopting best practices and taking action to continually improve

This policy is communicated to all employees, contractors and others working on our behalf. It is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to Stork.

Taco de Haan
President of Stork
January 2023