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Avoiding Counterfeit, Fraudulent & Suspect Items in your supply chain.

Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI) can be a significant issue in any supply chain or project. These goods do not undergo the same strict quality assurance procedures as legitimate items, and often deviate from prescribed specifications. It is becoming more important each year to instigate a company-wide, proactive approach to detect and prevent the intrusion CFSI.

Boilers and burners in hydrogen plants

Hydrogen is now in increasing demand as a fuel for generating heat or electricity. The combustion systems that are needed for this production process differ from traditional systems that run on fossil fuels (such as natural gas). The simple reason is that the properties of the two mediums are different. Among other things, the boiler and burner require specific attention.

Long term asset planning

A major player in the Oil & Gas market called for a comprehensive study on their ageing petrochemical assets to decide on the product portfolio for the next two decades. The client enquired to create a future roadmap for the entire facility. To address this call, Stork formed a multi-disciplinary team with Fluor and successfully performed this comprehensive study in less than six months.

Switching to hydrogen? Stork helps!

In theory, the combustion of hydrogen only releases heat and water, and not CO2 as is the case with the combustion of fossil fuels. This is the main reason why more and more companies are showing increased interest in switching to this “clean” fuel. 

Industry can kick-start the hydrogen economy

A radical transformation is needed in the way energy is produced and used to fulfil societal needs. Clean renewables will gradually replace fossil fuels. Continuing to work on gradual, incremental changes will not be enough to tackle climate change. We have to look for exponential growth of solutions with the greatest future decarbonisation potential.